Snapping pictures and taking names since '03


Photo by Lauren Frisch

Preparation, practice, execution, GO. To me, life is a never-done-learning endeavor. This blog is testament to how much I have improved as a photographer. So take a gander!

My name is Daniel, I’m originally from Littleton, Colorado, but I currently reside in Ann Arbor, MI. I’ve been an aspiring shooter since early high school and almost always have my camera around my shoulder. I have worked for The Maneater, the student-led newspaper. I’ve been a reporter and a photographer for the Columbia Missourian, where I have published several articles, pictures, and multi-media presentations. I have traveled abroad hitting up places in Europe like Rome and Prague to name a couple. During my senior year, I was selected to be part of a brand new capstone called Project 573. After my graduation of the University of Missouri in May 2011, I’ve photographed with a local freelance guy named L.G. Patterson. His teachings and advice have greatly improved my skills. I’ve also dabbled in wedding photography shooting with Lauren Frisch. I now work as a photography intern at and have been loving it. These experiences have been incredible and I sincerely believe the more I look through a viewfinder, the better I will get. Check out my stuff on this blog or my personal site: Daniel Brenner Website.


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