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Sheriff Deputy Micah Flick Funeral

El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy Micah Flick was fatally shot last week in a gun battle during an attempted auto-theft arrest in the parking lot of an east Colorado Springs apartment complex. Two sheriff’s deputies, a police detective and a passer-by were also injured. Flick is the third officer killed within five weeks.

A public funeral procession showed an outpouring of support to honor his life. The Denver Post was not assigned as the pool publication for the ceremony so I was not allowed in the church, but I attempted to capture images that conveyed what Flick’s life meant to the force and the community.

Photos for the Denver Post


Life in Jail, Not Behind Bars.

There’s another way of breathing free air while serving a jail sentence, but it might involve shoveling livestock feces. So long as an inmate is eligible, meets specific requirements and is accepted to the program, he or she can make the time spent in jail feel quicker, and be shorter.

Instead of paying a debt to society by sitting in a room with four white walls, a select few are helping out at Cam-plex, maintaining the grounds at the jail, washing government vehicles, or completing custodial or cooking work inside the prison. Locals recognize them by their horizontal black and white stripes removing snow in front the entrance of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office on a cold day. But they never cease to offer a warm welcome to anyone who passes by. The 12 men of cell block P and three women in cell block J feel fortunate to be part of the program, it certainly has its advantages, but not everyone can participate.

The inmate work program allows inmates to pay off a portion of court cost, fines and fees, or even shorten their jail sentence.  At 40 hours a week and five work days, that can drastically shorten life behind bars.

A typical walk through the prison halls warrants inquiries from a number of inmates. “If I plead guilty can I?” A female inmate pending trial asks for clarification on the program as she exits her block. “I only have one felony,” she implores.

“Just because we wear stripes doesn’t mean we are violent or angry or trying to get away with something,” inmate Herald Rank said.

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