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Selects chosen to be apart of this month’s Inside Columbia Magazine


Lauren wants a new prof pic

She said she wanted to look bad-ass. What do you think folks?

lights, lights, flashn

I attempted to match this lighting setup:

Although I couldn’t find a motorcycle, this is what I came up with:

not too shabby eh?

Hot Air Balloon Epidition, From the ground

Memorial Day Parade

Pre-parade, L.G. wanted me to shoot multiple angles. Post-parade, he advises me to start thinking about caption info. He also said that it is a good idea for events like these to show up early and walking around and asking people questions. After talking with him, I feel like he is looking for me to capture true moments that tell stories. Next year I want to go up in the cherry picker that holds the flag to take pics.

L.G. said this was the winner =>