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Trout Farm Favs

Here are a couple of my favorite pics from the Caught in the Middle multimedia story.Tom SchlueterWestover Farms TroutTom Schlueter feeds the fish at Westover Farms


Project 573: Caught in the Middle

For the last 10 years, Tom and Lisa Schlueter have maintained and cared for Westover Farms, a trout farm and fly fishing resort in Steelville, Mo. To the public and its customers, Westover has generally stayed the same with he exception of a few developments and renovations, but its internal operations have changed drastically. The Schlueters witnessed the recession firsthand after the previous owner lost Westover to Premiere Bank, which failed in October of 2010. Although Westover’s ownership has changed several times during its 100-year span, they’re now owned by the FDIC. Still, the Schlueters’ commitment to the farm has not changed.

Transit Timelapse

As one of the photographers of the project and the maintainer of Project Progress (a behind the scene view of Project 573), I decided to document one of my trips to report on a story. Amanda Bromwich and I have been working on a very interesting story in Steelville, MO, approximately 120 miles away. I have traveled to Steelville four times in the last month. Here’s what the trip looks like:

Entered a Contest. Eek.

So I entered the pdn Photo Face portrait contest. I submitted my picture of MU Head Football Coach Gary Pinkel during Senior Day last year.

Check it out and Vote!

Breckenridge Park

Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge, Colorado