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The Best/Worst of True/False

Festival goers enjoy the True/False @ction Party Friday night at Tonic.The True False Film Festival came and went like a small bag of popcorn. Patrons waited in Q lines and on every last line of a director’s Q&A. There were before parties, after parties, and parties after the after parties. Every corner was decorated with a bar serving stiff drinks being handed out by someone wearing a mask and a smile. As a first-time shooter of the event, it seemed like I was always out of time and out of coffee. The documentary film festival has gained fierce popularity in recent years and attracted a lot of media attention. Cameras galore. On occasion, I will look at previous year’s coverage to get a gist of the scenes. But, this can be distracting. I needed to shut it off and go out to explore, without a camera. Experience life to understand the atmosphere and quirkiness. This should be done with any assignment. The images will come later. See the full coverage at the Columbia Daily Tribune.

Thanks for looking.

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